Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World (2024)

You could argue that speed is one of the top qualities a soccer player needs today.

Speed comes into play, no matter where you are on the field. Whether it’s creating space away from opponents, swiftly advancing the ball upfield, or quickly closing down passing options for attackers, it’s all about speed. Most teams aim for quick transitions.

Forwards, in particular, rely on their speed to beat defenders with explosive bursts. Generally, the most celebrated footballers are those who possess agility and pace, whether they’re attacking, defending, or controlling the midfield. So, let’s dive into some of the players who’ve earned recognition as the fastest in soccer history. Ready to explore?

10. Rafael Leao

Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World (2024)

Rafael Leao is making waves in the football world in 2024, known for his incredible speed and agility. With his lightning-fast sprints, he’s become a standout figure, embodying the essence of quickness on the field.

Reaching speeds of up to 36.5 km/h, as verified by reliable sources like EA Sports FC™ 24, Leao isn’t just one of the fastest players globally, he’s among the top 15. His speed isn’t just for show; it’s a crucial asset in bypassing defenders and leading his team to victory.

Leao’s ability to electrify the game with his rapid dashes and strategic moves has cemented his importance on the field. It’s clear that speed isn’t just an advantage in football; it can completely alter the game’s course.

But Leao’s impact extends beyond his physical prowess. It’s about the moments he creates and the strategic decisions he makes that set him apart. Rafael Leao isn’t just a player you watch; he’s a force to be reckoned with in global football, leaving a lasting impression on the sport.

9. Moussa Diaby

Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World (2024)

At just 24 years old, Moussa Diaby has already proven himself as one of the fastest footballers globally in 2024, ranking among the top 10. Zooming across the pitch at an impressive 36.52 km/h, Diaby isn’t just quick—he’s like a whirlwind out there, leaving opponents eating his dust with his agility and lightning-fast moves.

His incredible speed and agility haven’t gone unnoticed, with Aston Villa shelling out a whopping £51 million to secure his talents in the summer of 2023. Diaby’s ability to dance around defenders and kickstart counter-attacks with his incredible pace has completely changed the game for his team.

Not only is he a standout on the field, but Diaby also holds the title of the fifth-fastest player in EA Sports FC 24, with a pace rating of 95. It’s a testament to his extraordinary skill and the electrifying energy he brings to every match, making him a player that fans can’t help but admire and opponents dread facing.

8. Darwin Nunez

Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World (2024)

With a blazing top speed of 36.53 km/h, Darwin Nunez isn’t just one of the top 10 fastest footballers worldwide in 2024; he’s also become Liverpool’s secret weapon.

His speed turns the field into his personal playground, effortlessly dodging defenders and creating vital chances for his team.

Despite facing some challenges initially at Liverpool, Nunez’s agility and quick reflexes have made a huge difference, boosting both the team’s offense and defense.

His ability to always be in the right place at the right time, combined with his exceptional sprinting skills, has made him a global sensation in football and a player everyone’s keeping an eye on.

Nunez’s thrilling performances highlight his massive impact on the game, proving that speed isn’t just an advantage in football—it’s essential.

7. Mohamed Salah

Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World (2024)
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In the world of football, Mohamed Salah has risen above the competition, becoming a true legend in Liverpool’s rich history since joining the club in 2017. His incredible speed, dazzling dribbling skills, and deadly accuracy on the right wing have set him apart like no other.

During his first season, Salah broke records left and right, scoring an impressive 32 goals—a clear demonstration of his exceptional talent and relentless dedication.

His speed is truly remarkable, clocking in at an astonishing 36.6 km/h, making him one of the fastest footballers worldwide in 2024. And despite reaching an age where many players start to decline, Salah shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to excel in the Premier League, proving that greatness knows no age limit.

6. Adama Traore

Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World (2024)

In the football scene of 2024, Adama Traore emerges like a bolt of lightning, his astonishing speed peaking at 36.6 km/h, propelling him into the elite ranks of the top 10 fastest footballers globally.

His remarkable velocity isn’t just a personal attribute but a game-changer, amplifying his impact on his team’s dynamics. Traore’s unmatched speed turns him into a priceless asset during crucial game moments, particularly in counter-attacks and seizing opportunities from loose balls. It’s not just about his individual achievement; his athleticism becomes a spectacle that enhances the essence of football itself.

The sheer speed of Adama Traore captivates football enthusiasts and experts alike, solidifying his status as a pivotal figure in the sport. His consistent presence among the world’s fastest players emphasizes the advantage he brings to his team, ensuring each match is a thrilling showcase of speed and skill.

For football aficionados, Traore’s electrifying displays highlight the exciting potential of human athleticism, making every game he participates in an absolute must-watch.

5. Ousmane Dembele

Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World (2024)

Ousmane Dembele is really making waves with his speed and skill, earning himself a spot among the top 10 fastest footballers worldwide in 2024. Zooming in at an impressive 36.6 km/h, Dembele’s got this unmatched speed that, combined with his crazy ball-handling skills using both feet, gives defenders nightmares.

He’s not just flashy with his dribbling; he’s deadly. Dembele slices through defenses like a hot knife through butter, setting up scoring opportunities and putting goals in the net consistently, which really shows how crucial he is to his team’s victories.

It’s no wonder he’s seen as one of the best, given his lightning-fast pace and agility. Dembele’s impact on the field speaks for itself.

His unique combo of speed, skill, and game smarts really sets him apart, making him a key player in the football scene and propelling his team to success in every match.

4. Anthony Gordon

Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World (2024)

Anthony Gordon is making waves as a lightning-fast sensation, currently making his mark with Newcastle United and recognized as one of the fastest players worldwide.

Clocking in at an impressive speed of 36.61km/h, he’s secured the second spot in the Premier League’s speed rankings, showcasing his exceptional abilities on the field.

Gordon’s journey has been defined by his resilience; despite Everton’s struggles to avoid relegation, his standout performances didn’t go unnoticed, ultimately leading to a high-profile transfer to Newcastle United.

Although his start at Newcastle presented its challenges, Gordon quickly found his footing, particularly shining on the left flank as the year progressed.

His remarkable speed, highlighted by a peak of 36.68 km/h during a match against Burnley, not only solidifies his place among the Premier League’s fastest but also underscores his crucial role in injecting much-needed dynamism into the Newcastle team.

Gordon’s electrifying pace, coupled with his significant contributions in goals and assists, is proving to be a game-changer for his team. As of 2024, Anthony Gordon claims the number 4 spot on our list of the top 10 fastest football players in the world.

3. Mykhailo Mudryk

Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World (2024)

Mykhailo Mudryk is making waves as a speed demon on the field, establishing himself as one of the fastest players worldwide in 2024.

Decked out in Chelsea’s colors and representing the Ukraine national team, Mudryk isn’t just quick; he’s a force to be reckoned with, clocking in at a top speed of 36.63 km/h, earning him the title of the Premier League’s speed king.

His blistering pace hasn’t just garnered him praise; it’s captured the hearts of fans and critics alike, making him the hottest topic in town.

But Mudryk’s talents go beyond mere physical attributes; they’ve become a strategic advantage that’s revolutionized his team and country’s approach to the game.

His knack for breezing past defenders and conjuring moments of brilliance on the field has not only cemented his status as a key player but also as an exhilarating spectacle, solidifying his position as a must-watch talent in the football world.

2. Karim Adeyemi

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Karim Adeyemi isn’t just a forward for Borussia Dortmund; he’s the epitome of speed, outpacing even the legendary Usain Bolt in a 30-meter sprint with a record-breaking time of 3.60 seconds.

His incredible speed isn’t just a statistic; it transforms Adeyemi into an unstoppable force on the soccer field, effortlessly maneuvering past defenders and clinching victories with his game-changing goals.

But his talents extend beyond the pitch; even in the virtual realm of Football Manager 2024, Adeyemi’s lightning-fast abilities make him a sought-after player, capturing the attention of gamers worldwide.

Despite the comparisons to the fastest sprinters in the world, Adeyemi remains focused on soccer, dedicating himself to the sport and dazzling audiences with his awe-inspiring performances.

1. Antonio Rudiger

Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World (2024)

Antonio Rudiger has truly broken new ground, becoming the pace-setter for speed in 2024.

With an astonishing top speed of 36.7 km/h, Rudiger isn’t just participating in the sport; he’s reshaping it. His agility and rapid tackles throw off even the most skilled forwards, demonstrating that he’s not simply quick—he’s a strategic nightmare for any opponent.

This unmatched speed doesn’t just bolster his team’s defense; it fundamentally alters the dynamics of the game, pushing the boundaries of competition and compelling teams to rethink their strategies.

As the fastest player in Europe, Rudiger’s impact reaches far beyond the field, solidifying his reputation not only as one of the most physically gifted athletes but also as a tactician who leverages his speed to dominate and dictate the rhythm of play. Antonio Rudiger rightfully claims the top spot among the top 10 fastest football players in the world in 2024.


Fastest Football Players in the World (2024)
Rank Player Club Top Speed (km/h)
1 Antonio Rudiger Real Madrid 36.7
2 Karim Adeyemi Borussia Dortmund 36.65
3 Mykhailo Mudryk Chelsea 36.63
4 Anthony Gordon Newcastle United 36.61
5 Ousmane Dembele Paris Saint-Germain 36.6
6 Adama Traore Fulham 36.6
7 Mohamed Salah Liverpool 36.6
8 Darwin Nunez Liverpool 36.53
9 Moussa Diaby Aston Villa 36.52
10 Rafael Leao AC Milan 36.5
11 Achraf Hakimi Paris Saint-Germain 36.48
12 Federico Valverde Real Madrid 36.3
13 Erling Haaland Manchester City 36.22
14 Nuno Tavares Nottingham Forest 36.2
15 Alphonso Davies Bayern Munich 36.2

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