Top 20 Greatest Players In Liverpool History (Ranked)

Top 20 Greatest Players In Liverpool History (Ranked)

Liverpool FC, renowned as one of the most iconic institutions in global football, has been a haven for countless legendary figures since its establishment in 1892. With a legacy steeped in rich history and tradition, this revered club has forged a path of unparalleled success domestically in England and on the European stage. Central to this illustrious journey is the remarkable talent that has graced the hallowed grounds of Anfield over the years.

From the magnetic presence of ‘King’ Kenny Dalglish to the indomitable leadership of Steven Gerrard, from the awe-inspiring goal-scoring prowess of Robbie Fowler and Ian Rush to the contemporary brilliance of Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk, these individuals have left an indelible mark on Liverpool’s narrative, securing their places as legends of the club for generations to come.

Top 20 Greatest Players In Liverpool History (Ranked)

But who are the greatest players in Liverpool’s history? We here at GIVEMESPORT have ranked the 20 best-ever players to pull on the famous red shirt.

Ranking factors

Given how difficult such a list is, we have considered multiple aspects when making our selections, including:

  • Overall stats, including goals, assists, and games played
  • the trophies they won
  • the impact they had

Now, without further ado, here is GIVEMESPORT’s list of the 20 greatest Liverpool players of all time.

20 Greatest Liverpool Players of All-Time
Rank Name Years
1 Kenny Dalglish 1977-1990
2 Steven Gerrard 1998-2015
3 Mohamed Salah 2017-Present
4 Billy Liddell 1938-1961
5 Kevin Keegan 1971-1979
6 John Barnes 1987-1997
7 Roger Hunt 1958-1969
8 Ronnie Whelan 1979-1994
9 Ian Rush 1980-1986 & 1988-1996
10 Graeme Souness 1978-1984
11 Luis Suarez 2011-2014
12 Alan Hansen 1977-1991
13 Virgil van Dijk 2018-Present
14 Jamie Carragher 1996-2013
15 Robbie Fowler 1993-2001 & 2006-2007
16 Sammy Lee 1976-1986
17 Alisson Becker 2018-Present
18 Ray Kennedy 1974-1982
19 Roberto Firmino 2015-2023
20 Michael Owen 1996-2004

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