Five (5) Biggest English Clubs to Have Never Won a Major Trophy


5 Biggest English Clubs to Have Never Won a Major Trophy

  • There are shortage of top-flight honours available with English clubs chasing silverware across various cups and leagues.
  •  Top clubs like Liverpool and Man United have the most trophy wins in the history of English football.
  •  Other reputable names remain trophyless, despite many close calls.

It’s been well over a century and a half since football teams in England began competing for trophies, marking the inaugural FA Cup in 1871. About 17 years later, the Football League officially kicked off, sparking a continuous pursuit of silverware among clubs nationwide.

Since then, additional domestic cup competitions have emerged, tailored to teams at various levels of the football hierarchy. Then, in 1955, the European Cup made its debut, later rebranded as the Champions League. Alongside this prestigious tournament, secondary and even tertiary continental honors became available for English clubs to vie for. Suffice it to say, there’s no shortage of prestigious titles up for grabs in the top-flight arena.

5 Biggest English Clubs to Have Never Won a Major Trophy

Some teams have racked up more wins than others, especially the big guns you often see in the Premier League. Teams like Liverpool and Manchester United seem to have a knack for clinching titles, boasting 46 and 43 top-flight trophies, respectively. But then there are those familiar names on the flip side of the coin who, despite their fame, haven’t managed to snag any major silverware yet.

We are going to take a look at some of the teams that have not won a major trophy and see just how close they have come to one in their history.

Biggest English Clubs to Have Never Won a Major Trophy
Club Years in top-flight Best league finish Cup finals
Crystal Palace 24 Third (1991) FA Cup (1990 & 2016)
Fulham 29 Seventh (2009) FA Cup (1975) & Europa League (2010)
Brighton & Hove Albion 11 Sixth (2023) FA Cup (1983)
Watford 14 Second (1983) FA Cup (1984 & 2019)
Brentford 8 Fifth (1936) None

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