Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

  •  We’ve listed the 20 most decorated clubs in football history based on the number of trophies and honours won.
  •  Manchester United only rank 15th despite being the most successful club in English football.
  •  All of these clubs are not just numbers, but the heartbeats of their communities, reflecting the cultures and dreams of millions and taking centre stage on the grand theatre of football.

In the vast and colorful world of football, from the Premier League to La Liga, football clubs stand as the beating heart of the game. They hold the hopes and dreams of fans everywhere, from local fields to massive arenas. But among them, there’s a special breed – the giants of the sport, the ones who’ve etched their names into history time and time again. It’s not just about the gleaming trophies they’ve won, but the legends they’ve created and the passionate fans who’ve cheered them on through every thrilling moment.

When we talk about the most successful clubs in global football, it’s the stuff of legend that comes to mind – those unforgettable goals, the iconic players who’ve worn their colors, and the chants that still ring out in rival stadiums. But above all, it’s about the trophies they’ve lifted and the heights of achievement they’ve reached. That’s what sets these clubs apart, and that’s what we’ll be measuring as we delve into their legacies.

The 20 most decorated football clubs

While trophies do stand testament to a club’s success, it’s the culture, the traditions, and the die-hard fans that truly capture its essence. As we profile these titans, we’re not just tallying their victories but celebrating the undying spirit that’s made them legendary. Because remember, in football, the journey is just as important, if not more, than the destination. Let the games begin…

Club Trophies won
Al Alhy 121
Rangers 118
Club Nacional de Football 116
Celtic 113
Atletico Penarol 110
Real Madrid 96
Barcelona 92
Benfica 83
Al-Faisley 81
Bayern Munich 81
Olympiakos 79
FC Porto 77
Ajax 73
Juventus 67
Manchester United 66
Liverpool 63
Galatasaray 62
Anderlecht 60
Boca Juniors 56

20. Deportivo Colo-Colo (Chile)

Number of trophies won: 55

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

A club that’s more known for its iconic badge on games such as EA Sports FC 24, Deportivo Colo-Colo are known as the dominant force in Chilean football with 55 trophies in their cabinet so far. Armed with a decorated history which dates back to as early as 1925, the club’s influence transcends football, often intertwining with the socio-political fabric of Chile.

They’ve produced legendary players such as Arturo Vidal and Claudio Bravo – who have gone on to achieve hugely in Europe and unforgettable moments, forever etched in football folklore. There are only a handful of South American clubs that feature higher on this list.

19. Club Olimpia (Paraguay) & Boca Juniors (Argentina)

Number of trophies won: 56

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Two South American clubs are level with 56 trophies in their respective cabinets, Club Olimpia are by far the biggest club in Paraguay and, at the time of writing, boast a record 46 domestic titles to their name. They are the only club from the nation to capture a CONMEBOL title, which includes three Copa Libertadores crowns – the most prestigious competition in South American football. It’s a tournament that has been dominated by Brazilian sides over the years, but this hasn’t stopped Club Olimpia from succeeding, having also finished as runners-up on four occasions. Their footballing legacy on the continent is undeniable and sometimes gets overlooked by the side we are about to talk about now.

Boca Juniors, meanwhile, are one of the most famous clubs in the world and arguably have a global reach that matches or exceeds some of the top sides in Europe. Their famous blue and yellow strips are synonymous throughout the world of football, especially for the performances of Diego Maradona – easily one of the greatest players of all time. Joint with Club Olimpia with 56 major honours, the Argentine giants continue to stamp their authority on the game as a whole.

18. FCSB (Romania)

Number of trophies won: 58

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

FCSB might not mean a lot to some, but if you say Steaua Bucharest, then things start to make a lot more sense. FCSB’s 58 trophies firmly entrench them as Romania’s best club by far. The club isn’t even 100 years old yet but has achieved more in Europe than other clubs in neighbouring countries could ever dream of. Steaua’s European Cup win in 1986, otherwise known as the ‘Miracle of 86,’ is something that the club is incredibly proud of, and rightly so. They went on to produce one of the longest unbeaten streaks that’s ever been seen for the next three years.

17. Anderlecht (Belgium)

Number of trophies won: 60

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Next up are the Belgian giants Anderlecht, who have remained competitive for as long as many of us can remember. It seemed like every year that they would face Manchester United in the Champions League, and there’s a good reason for that: their domestic success.

With 60 trophies to their name since their founding in 1908, this showcases how consistent they have been over the years in the Belgian Pro League and other cup competitions. When football fans think of purple and white colours, the first club that comes to their head is Anderlecht.

16. Galatasaray (Turkey)

Number of trophies won: 62

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Meanwhile, Galatasaray stand as a symbol of Turkish footballing might. The cauldron of noise that is generated at their Turk Telekom Arena makes it a venue most European adversaries dread, a tale that has lived since the early 1990s when Manchester United visited for the first time – with the famous tifo that stated, “Welcome to Hell.”

Because of the help from their supporters, and the valiant efforts on the pitch in the club’s famous red and yellow colours, they have clinched 62 trophies and will continue to etch unforgettable memories into the history of Galatasaray.

15. Liverpool (England)

Number of trophies won: 63

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

A club that needs no introduction. Liverpool Football Club is a footballing household name around the world. Anfield roars with the Reds’ anthem of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Adopted courtesy of Gerry and the Pacemakers back in the 1960s, it’s a song that transcends boundaries and unites football lovers across the globe.

With 63 trophies, Liverpool’s legacy speaks of European nights, iconic comebacks, and legendary figures like Bill Shankly and Kenny Dalglish. Having won their first league title in 30 years in 2020, their story is far from finished. The latest trophy in the Reds’ collection was the Carabao Cup that Jurgen Klopp’s side lifted in February 2024 after an extra-time win against Chelsea at Wembley Stadium.

14. Manchester United (England)

Number of trophies won: 66

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

If you say the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, Old Trafford, or the ‘Busby Babes’ to someone, there’s only one club that comes to mind: Manchester United. Their 66 trophies paint a tale of legends, right from the ‘Busby Babes’ Munich air disaster in 1958 to the ‘Class of 92’.

13. Juventus (Italy)

Number of trophies won: 67

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Juventus are undoubtedly the most successful team to come out of Italy in the history of football. Otherwise known as ‘La Vecchia Signora’ (The Old Lady), from Dino Zoff to Alessandro Del Piero, this Turin giant has been home to some of the biggest footballing stars to ever be produced, who have helped craft moments that collectively tell the tale of their 67 trophies.

12. Ajax (Netherlands)

Number of trophies won: 73

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Ajax are a wonderful football club and their story is represented in as much as one word: innovation. The birthplace of ‘Total Football’, their academy, De Toekomst, has been a conveyor belt of talent – from Johan Cruyff to Frenkie de Jong. Their 73 trophies, including their European exploits, mirror a philosophy that prioritises skill and vision.

11. FC Porto (Portugal)

Number of trophies won: 77

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

From the banks of the Douro River, FC Porto has risen as Portugal’s footballing beacon. The Estadio do Dragao has witnessed domestic dominance and iconic European nights. Their 77-trophy tally speaks of a club that merges tradition with modern ambition. This is the football club that gave us players such as Deco, Ricardo Carvalho and, of course, the cult hero Benni McCarthy. Not only that, but the Champions League win in 2004 saw the incredible rise of manager Jose Mourinho, who quickly made the jump to Chelsea and became the self-proclaimed “Special One.”

10. Olympiakos (Greece)

Number of trophies won: 79

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Olympiakos, similar to Galatasaray, are known to have a hugely intimidating home atmosphere when visiting teams come to the Karaiskakis Stadium. Despite only holding 33,334 fans, it’s a fortress for the home team.

There’s no doubt that they have dominated Greek football since their inception in 1925. Olympiakos’ phenomenal team spirit, from legendary figures to the current team, has helped the club propel them to 79 trophies. Their red and white stripes are more than just colours; they are the heartbeat of countless fans. Their rivalry with Panathinaikos is easily one of the most intense in Europe and holds the name as the ‘Mother of all Battles’ for good reason. This is one of the few fixtures that spreads not just to football, but basketball as well, where the hatred is just as intense.

9. Bayern Munich (Germany) & Al-Faisaly (Jordan)

Number of trophies won: 81

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Bayern Munich, the Bavarian giants, have held the mantle of German football dominance for decades. From their Allianz Arena, a modern-day coliseum, they have showcased a brand of football that is both efficient and elegant, garnering numerous Bundesliga titles and impressive European conquests.

Bayern hold unfamiliar company on this list in the form of Al-Faisaly SC, the pride of Jordan, who stand tall in the Middle East. We guarantee that not everyone reading this article will have heard of this club, so let’s break down why they are here. Their unparalleled dominance in their homeland has crafted tales of passion and prowess that resonate beyond their borders.

In 91 years of their existence as a football club, formerly known as Al-Ashbal Club, they have won 35 league titles and 21 Jordan FA Cups. The club is yet to have any success on the AFC stage, but they are agonisingly close to finally breaking this duck. Watch this space.

8. Benfica (Portugal)

Number of trophies won: 83

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Up next, and jumping ahead of a few behemoth clubs, we have the soaring eagles of Portugal in Benfica, who have painted Portugal’s football canvas with their artistry. With 83 trophies, the Estadio da Luz has reverberated with cheers, passion, and often, euphoria, easily one of the most impressive and aesthetically pleasing stadiums in world football.

7. Barcelona (Spain)

Number of trophies won: 92

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Barcelona isn’t just a club; it’s a philosophy. Camp Nou has been the epicentre of ‘tiki-taka’ football – a style that’s poetic, mesmerising, and uniquely Barça. Their 92-trophy tally doesn’t just recount victories but also moments that changed football. There is no denying that the club’s most successful period was the late 2000s and into the 2010s, led by the genius Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest player to ever kick a football. While some fans of Cristiano Ronaldo may disagree with the last sentence, there is no doubt that he is in the conversation.

6. Real Madrid (Spain)

Number of trophies won: 96

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

The Galácticos of football, Real Madrid, narrowly pip their closest rivals in this list. The club has made the Santiago Bernabeu a theatre of dreams for fans and a place of nightmares for rivals. Madrid boast an astonishing 14 European Cups to their name, seven more than any other team has won in the competition’s history (AC Milan with seven). There is nothing that screams success in Europe more than this infamous club that play in all-white.

5. Atletico Penarol (Uruguay)

Number of trophies won: 110

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Just missing out on the top three is one of the ancient guardians of South American football: Atletico Penarol. What makes this club so special, and represents why they have been so successful over the years, is that they have never been relegated from the top division in Uruguay since being founded in 1891.

It is a testament to longevity and consistent excellence. With 110 trophies, they aren’t just Uruguayan legends; they’re South American folklore. This is despite the fact that loyalties in the country to either Penarol or Nacional are split down the middle and is an incredibly intense rivalry known as the Uruguayan ‘Clasico.’

4. Celtic (Scotland)

Number of trophies won: 113

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Up next we have the iconic Scottish club Celtic. This team isn’t just about football; it’s an emotion, a tradition. Celtic Park, also known as Parkhead, and renowned for its raucous atmosphere, has seen 113 trophy lifts in the club’s 136-year history. Because of the dominance of themselves and Rangers in the Scottish Premiership, this has helped their trophy haul significantly build up during the 20th century. But for fans, the green and white hoops symbolise pride and deep-rooted club culture in a city that is deeply divided by green and blue.

Celtic were the first club in Great Britain to win the European Cup. The year was 1967 when the Hoops faced Inter, where a famous strike by Stevie Chalmers gave them the name of the Lisbon Lions.’ This was the start of their success when the club would go on to win a staggering 53 league titles, a tally which is likely to grow in the short term.

3. Club Nacional de Football (Uruguay)

Number of trophies won: 116

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Club Nacional have a proud and illustrious history filled with glory, trophies and success. The Uruguayan side boasts 116 trophies and is iconic in its own right. Nacional’s tales of dominance are South American epics, having lifted significantly more trophies than any other side in the continent.

They narrowly edge out their rivals Peranol when it comes to overall success and respective trophy hauls. In their 123-year history, they have won 49 Primera División crowns in their homeland, which is nothing short of unbelievable to have in your repertoire.

2. Rangers (Scotland)

Number of trophies won: 118

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

Rangers, arch-rivals of Celtic, have marginally more trophies to their name than their city rivals with 55 Scottish first-tier League Championships since 1890 and has one of the most famous stadiums in the British Isles in the form of Ibrox, which has played host to some astonishing Old Firm derbies and European nights in Glasgow.

1. Al Ahly (Egypt)

Number of trophies won: 121

Top 20 Football Club With Most Trophies In history (Ranked)

So, taking the top spot, we’ve got a bit of a surprise for some of you: Al Ahly, the powerhouse of club football. They’ve been around since way back in 1907 and have racked up a staggering 121 trophies. They’re not just famous in Egypt; they’re giants on the global stage. Their story is packed with unforgettable matches, legendary players, and moments that have left a mark on football history.

Let me break down just how impressive their trophy cabinet is: 43 Egyptian Premier League titles, 38 Egypt Cups, 11 CAF Champions Leagues, 13 Egyptian Super Cups, eight CAF Super Cups, and four African Cup Winners’ Cups, among others. They’re basically the African equivalent of Real Madrid when it comes to achievements, and they’re still ruling the roost in Egyptian football today.

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